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Summer Language Camp

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August 7th-10th| Brattleboro, Vermont

Announcing language camps for students ages 7 and up (and adults, too!). Join us for 4 days of the most fun and effective language classes out there. World-class language teachers are coming to Brattleboro to offer these classes as part of Express Fluency’s teacher training program. We are offering an elementary Spanish class, middle/high School Spanish as well as middle/high school French and a Latin class for ages 12 and up. $40 discount for full-time students. Sibling/parent discounts available.  Light snack will be provided. Register by June 1st and save $30. Financial aid is available.  Learn more…

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Summer Language Camps in Brattleboro, Vermont

August 7th-10th, 2017

9am-12pm Monday-Wednesday
9am-11:30am ThursdaySo many choices… which language to choose?
Spanish, French or Latin… Oh my! We can’t wait for summer (for lots of reasons, but especially for this fun-filled and incredible language class opportunity.) We’ve invited some of the world’s greatest language teachers to come to Brattleboro to teach this summer.

Justin Slocum Bailey of Indwelling Language joins us from Ann Arbor, Michigan will teach Latin to students ages 12-adult. (Justin is “famous” in the world of teachers who teach Latin as a spoken language. He presents all over the world about this method. My 12-year -old daughter and I took his class together last summer and we LOVED it. Several months later we still have conversations together in Latin.)

Annabelle Allen (la maestra loca) comes to us from New Orleans, LA to teach Spanish to students ages 7-12. (Older or younger than that? Talk to us.) I observed Annabelle teach at the International Forum for Language Teachers last summer and I left her class awe-stricken. Every single one of her 30 students were riveted by her class and her incredible energy.)

Grant Boulanger, 2016 ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Teacher of the Year finalist and 2015 Central States Teacher of the Year will teach Spanish to students ages 12 and up. Adults are also welcome to join this class. (I spent a day in Grant’s classroom in Minneapolis, MN three years ago and have been trying to get him to come to Vermont to teach ever since then. Persistence paid off and he’s coming to Brattleboro. Middle and high school students are in for a treat!) This class will be great for students either brand new to Spanish or those who have taken Spanish in a more conventional school program in the past. Perfect for a high school student wanting a refresher before the school year starts.

Tina Hargaden joins us all the way from Portland, Oregon where she teaches middle school French and Spanish. She’ll be teaching French to students ages 11+ (adults are welcome as well). We are so lucky to have Tina here and you’ll love her class!

Elissa McLean, founder of Express Fluency, will teach intermediate Spanish.

Camp includes:
11.5 hours of language class over four days
Light snacks
Readings and all classroom materials (no hidden costs)

Full-time students:
Before June 1st: $125.
After June 1st: $150.

Non-student price:
Before June 1st: $165
After June 1st: $195

Family member discount: Register with a family member and you each get $30 off the tuition. (You can enroll in different classes if you want.) Enter coupon code “campfamilydiscount” when registering.

Price for children of teachers enrolled in our teacher training program:
$30. Enter code “teacherworkshop”.

Brattleboro Union High School
131 Fairground Rd, Brattleboro, VT 05301

Teacher Training
World language teachers will be observing these classes as part of our summer teacher training programs. Classes may also be videotaped by BCTV (Brattleboro Community TV Station). Please contact us if you have any questions.

For more information:
Contact Express Fluency


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About the Instructors

JSB B+W close Justin Slocum Bailey
Latin Instructor

Justin Slocum Bailey, a longtime learner and teacher of Latin and other languages, operates Indwelling Language, a collection of resources and habits for boosting joy and success in language learning and teaching. In addition to teaching languages rapturously, Justin trains and mentors teachers and learners worldwide while helping schools, publishers, software developers, and nonprofits make the world a better place for language learning. He also serves on the board and faculty of the North American Institute for Living Latin Studies (SALVI), coordinates the Latin Listening Project, and is the translator of TPRS® Publishing’s forthcoming Brando Brown Canem Vult. Justin grew up in Vienna, Austria, and now lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with his wife and two German-speaking children. When he’s not playing with languages, Justin enjoys studying and teaching jujutsu and lolling lakeside with his family.

annabelle allen profile pic Annabelle Allen
Spanish Instructor (elementary)

Annabelle Allen, a.k.a. La Maestra Loca, is a passionate Spanish teacher at St. Martin’s Episcopal School in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she has taught for two years. Annabelle loves teaching middle school but she has taught students ranging from 2-82 years old. She taught for a year in China in 2014-15 and before that taught for 4 years in public schools in Denver, Colorado, where she learned from a community of brilliant CI (Comprehensible-Input) teachers in the area. Since then she has developed her own unique style, which her students call “loca” or “crazy”. She enjoys helping students of ALL ages acquire the Spanish language. Her goal for her students, children and adults, is communication and joy. In her free time Annabelle enjoys traveling the world and blogging about her travels. She also loves eating! Anything and everything, even duck tongue and sheep brain! Her favorite thing in the world is spending time with her family, and picnicking with her boyfriend Paul and bonus-daughter Isla Rose who just turned three and LOVES all things magical like unicorns, fairies, and mermaids, just like La Maestra Loca.

Boulanger.Grant.ColorGrant Boulanger
Spanish Instructor

Grant Boulanger is an innovative public educator living in St. Paul, MN. He is a 2017 ACTFL National Language Teacher of the Year Finalist and co-founder of the Comprehensible Midwest Conference. He holds a BA from Gustavus Adolphus College and an M.Ed. in Second Languages and Cultures Education from the University of Minnesota. He has taught in and directed innovative language acquisition programs since 1997. His joy is pioneering equitable, engaging and effective classrooms where EACH student belongs, acquires confidence and competence, and sees themselves as a natural language learner.

Tina HargadenTina Hargaden
French Instructor

Tina Hargaden is a middle school French and Spanish teacher in Portland Public Schools (Oregon).  She has taught middle school for twelve years, and she has enjoyed (almost!) every minute. She loves the creativity, community, and smiles that comprehension-based teaching brings to her classroom each day.  Tina has presented at several conferences and is organizing the Cascadia CI conference in June 2017. Recently Tina collaborated with Ben Slavic on a book called A Natural Approach to Stories – the Invisibles. She recently worked with Beniko Mason on The Bite-Size Book of Story Listening.  A video series to accompany the books is available online.  She is really excited about helping other teachers find the fun, ease, and happiness that comprehension-based teaching has brought her.  Tina has a firm belief that everyone can be successful with CI strategies, teachers and students alike.  Tina also enjoys riding her bike, yoga, theatre, drawing, reading, taking walks with her dog, Max, and listening to music.  

elissa.mclean.expressfluencyElissa McLean
Founder, Director, and Spanish Instructor

Elissa founded Express Fluency in 2012 to bring Comprehensible-Input based language classes to adults. Tired of hearing (almost) everyone say “I studied (fill in the blank) language in school for 4 years and I can’t speak a word now” – she decided to be part of a movement to change that. She holds a Masters degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and has taught Spanish to students from preschool to college and adults. Prior to teaching Spanish full-time she co-founded two innovative expedition-based high schools. She loves to travel, meet new people, hang out with her 12-year old daughter, and help bring more joy and multilingualism into the world.