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Latin with Justin Slocum Bailey

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May 20-21 2017 | Philadelphia, PA
Have you always wished you knew Latin? Have you taken Latin, but not in a way that allowed you to absorb it as real language? In this two-day mini course, you’ll quickly internalize a large amount of Latin by hearing and seeing it in ways you can actually understand and by participating in the creation of Latin stories. Whether you want to understand other languages better, read Latin texts, impress your friends, or fulfill a lifelong goal, you’ll leave with new confidence and delight in this language that has been used continuously for more than two millennia. Sign up by May 1st and save $20.This course is open to students ages 11-adult. A great experience to share as a family!  Learn More…

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May 20-21 2017 | Philadelphia, PA

Saturday and Sunday

This class is ideal for adults as well as middle and high school students. The approach is light hearted and entertaining- perfect for family members to experience together.

Course includes:
All course materials (no hidden fees)
Follow-up readings and audio recordings

Penn Charter School
3000 W School House Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19144
Middle School building
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Before May 1: $70 (full time student) / $100 (non-student)
After May 1: $90 (full time student) / $120 (non-student)

Justin Slocum Bailey

This class is part of our teacher training program, so local area teachers will be participating in and observing the class. We are also offering simultaneous Mandarin and Spanish classes.

Watch a video of Justin teaching:

Student Testimonials

I loved the interactivity with the teacher and other participants. Justin’s enthusiasm and sense of humor were amazing!

Justin took a language most people consider long dead and brought it to life as if it were the lyrics to my son’s favorite song.

I was amazed by how high my comprehension was and how confident I felt, which was certainly on account of Justin’s amazing teaching style.

Justin is so passionate and dynamic.

Justin Slocum Bailey is the ultimate educator. He brings extensive knowledge, curiosity about both language and people, a sense of humor, and an extraordinary ability to connect. He is thorough, clear, exciting, talented, interesting, and fun.

Justin is without a doubt the best teacher I have ever known. I’ve never seen a teacher more excited for or more skilled at teaching a language through whatever methods work for his students.

If everyone taught languages like Justin Slocum Bailey, we would have a world of self-directed polyglots.

The best thing about this experience was…JUSTIN!

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  1. 5 out of 5


    My 12-year old daughter and I took Justin’s Latin class together last summer and had the best time! Justin is a gifted teacher and he literally brings Latin to life in the class. Before the class I was honestly a little unsure of why anyone would want to take a Latin class, but now I recommend it to everyone. There are so many connections to English and all the Romance Languages. This would be a great class for someone facing PSATS or SATS, wanting a base from which to explore many other languages, interested in science and medicine, and so much more! Plus, it is a ton of fun. (Forget about all the tedious translation work you did in your Latin class- this is a totally different kind of experience.) My daughter and I still remember the Latin from the class now 7 months later and its like we have our own secret language at home when we don’t want anyone to know what we are saying.

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About the Instructor

JSB B+W close Justin Slocum Bailey
Latin Instructor

Justin has been helping people of all ages learn Latin, German, and sometimes other languages since 2005. He operates Indwelling Language, a collection of resources and tips for boosting teachers’ and learners’ joy and success. Justin serves on the board and faculty of the North American Institute for Living Latin Studies and devotes much of his time to supporting 21st-century Latin learners through the Latin Listening Project, LIMEN (a Latin teaching portal), and the Quomodo Dicitur? Podcast. When he’s not doing languagy things, Justin thrives on Tigers baseball, jujutsu and lolling lakeside with his family.