Express Fluency is the fastest, most effective, (and most fun) way to learn a language. Whether you want to speak another language for travel, work, or as a “bucket list” item, we’ll have you picking up the language from day one.

“But I took 4 years of (language) in high school and learned nothing.”

 We hear this all the time.

Our courses are designed to resemble how we acquired our first language. We all learned to speak through a completely natural process—without textbooks or flashcards. It seems like we simply “absorbed” language.

The latest research tells us that the same principle is true for learning a second language. That’s why Express Fluency can deliver language proficiency quickly and effortlessly.

Yes, effortlessly.

We offer dynamic, stress-free classes for all levels and ages. We currently offer courses in Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, and New York City but we’re adding locations (and languages) so contact us if you’re interested in having an Express Fluency course near you.

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