Express Fluency in Spain!

We are delighted to be leading our first trip to Spain! We hope you can join us April 9th-17th 2017 for an amazing opportunity to immerse in the culture of a beautiful, historic city of Mérida in the Extremadura region of western Spain. Express Fluency-style classes will be coupled with immersive experiences in the community to make for a powerhouse Spanish language experience. Our friends run an English school for Spanish speakers, so spain-plazawe will have the opportunity for an exchange with their students. We will stay in a gorgeous hotel right in the town center. For more information, visit the trip website.

Open House & Free Spanish class September 8th 2016

We hope you will join us on Thursday, September 8th 2016 from 6pm-7pm  for a free demo Spanish class. The best way to understand the way we teach language is by experiencing it for yourself. We invite you to come get a glimpse of what it feels like to be in an Express Fluency class. Whether or not Spanish is the language you are interested in learning, we will give you the tools to know what to look for in a language program.

Register here.

NYC Weekend Spanish Classes this Fall

We’re excited to be teaching in  Manhattan again this fall. This time, we’re offering a weekend once a month in September, October, and November. While is is possible to enroll for one weekend only, we set up three weekends for someone who is really committed to learning Spanish this fall. Signing up for all three weekends will save you 20% per weekend. Two weekends saves 10% per weekend.

We’ve also added an optional Monday evening class to each weekend. This is new, and we’re excited about it. Having the extra day will really help reinforce the learning from the weekend.

Here are the upcoming NYC weekend dates:
September 19-21
October 24-26
November 14-16

You can read more about our NYC Spanish classes here.

Spanish Cooking class March 22

Eat, drink, and learn Spanish… while you cook!

Cooking classes are limited to 10 students. Early registration is recommended. REGISTER

group spanish cooking class

Courses include:

— Three course meal made with the finest ingredients

— Cooking instruction in Spanish (made comprehensible for beginners) including discussion of ingredients and cooking methods

— Recipes to take home to cook with your friends and family

–List of relevant vocabulary

— A lively and fun atmosphere

–Wine served throughout the evening

Sunday evenings from 6pm-9:00pm in Putney, Vermont

Upcoming classes:

March 22nd: Spanish cooking with Paqui Arroyo Moyano
Price: $60

El Menú:

Patatas Bravas
Pinchitos Morunos

Plato Principal:
Paella de Marisco y Chorizo
Ensalada a la Española

Marcona Almonds Stuffed Dates paired with Sweet Sherry

April 12th: Mexican cooking with Maricela Gutierrez
Menu: To be announced

May 17th: Spanish cooking with Paqui Arroyo Moyano
Menu: To be announced

Check out photos from our Spanish Cooking class last June.


Grand Opening Fiesta in Brattleboro


Grand Opening Invite

We are thrilled to have a classroom in downtown Brattleboro, and we want to celebrate with you! Please join us on Wednesday, February 11th from 6pm-7:30pm in our new space at 73 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT. We’ll provide some Spanish wine and cheese, a short language class demo, and Latin music. Come and see our new classroom and learn about this radically fun and effective kind of language class.

Contact us if you have any questions. Hope to see you soon!


Announcing our new video!

Express Fluency Video PhotoWe are thrilled to announce our new 4-min intro video made by Ames Hill Film and Video Production.

It is hard to describe these classes with words, so we thought we’d get our students on camera to help convey a better sense of these classes. The following is an entry from Ben Slavic‘s blog. Ben is a world-class French teacher and teacher trainer/mentor. Here is what Ben had to say about the video:

Look At Their Faces

By Ben Slavic November 3, 2014 Leave a Comment

My new mission statement about our work is: “Look at their faces. It will tell you everything that you ever needed to know about what they are learning. They learn because they want to. It has nothing to do with thinking.”

Watch this video by Elissa (Express Fluency)

In this clip, watch, in particular, the lady nearest to Elissa in the black and white stripes. At first, she is all about what she learned language learning to mean in school: sit down, pay attention, take notes, think hard, and be a good student. You can see her trying to take notes right in the first ten seconds of the clip. But as the discussion goes on, she gives up the being-a-good-student thing and taking notes and that mindset in favor of the fun Elissa is laying down as the foundation of the communication in her class.

It’s an epic moment, really, and signifies a brand new way of doing everything in language education. Millions of moments like that in millions of classrooms around the world will signify the end of something that should have died a long time ago – thinking about the language vs. just experiencing it and focusing on its meaning.

I see more evidence of learning in this video than any research/testing I have ever personally experienced. I exhort the viewer to see deeply into the students being included in what is going on in this class. I would like to be in that class. Watch the faces of the adult students in this video – they are being included in a social process. They are being included socially and they are not being excluded intellectually. We teach at our own peril unless we consider the truth of that last statement.

It is not the pedagogy that I want to highlight in Elissa’s video. We could call the pedagogy anything we want. What is important is that Elissa’s welcoming expression and the corresponding reaction by the students contains everything I have ever wanted to do as a teacher and the hope of reaching my students in this way has driven me forward through countless classes.

The expressions in the faces of the students contain priceless feedback to me as their teacher. To me, what those faces tell me is more important than all the research in the world, and far surpasses as a pedagogical goal all the wonderful and snappy teaching that some teachers think they do on behalf of a small percentage of the students in the class.

Again, I don’t care what it’s called, what research it’s based on, or any of that. I just want my students’ faces to look like that when they are in my class, because if their faces look like the faces in this video, then I am certain that they are learning the language and that good things are happening in my class. Elissa has them focused on the message and not the language – that is everything.

Weekend classes in NYC, Boston area, Burlington, VT and Portland, ME!

Our weekend offerings are expanding! This spring we are offering series of weekend Spanish Immersion classes in several different cities. While we recommend taking all three weekends of a series for maximum gains in fluency, it is also possible to just enroll in one weekend. You can find out more about the weekends offered by clicking the links below. If you are interested in a weekend course in your hometown, please contact us.

New York City 
Burlington, VT
Portland, ME
Brattleboro, VT


NEW! Spanish cooking classes!

We are excited to be offering our first Spanish cooking class!
June 30th, 6pm-8:30pm in Putney, Vermont.

Paqui Arroyo Moyano of Barcelona, Spain will teach participants how to make a selection of Spanish tapas. The course includes a full meal including wine/sangría and is taught in Spanish (with translation provided). Participants take home recipes to cook for their families and friends. Check out the menu and course information.


spanish cooking class