Express Fluency: a new approach to language education

Whether you want to speak another language for travel, work, or as a “bucket list” item, we’ll have you picking up the language from day one. We get you understanding and speaking a new language in the fastest and easiest way possible. Our talented educators create personalized and engaging classes based on the latest brain and language acquisition research.

“But I took 4 years of (language) in high school and learned nothing.”

We hear this all the time

Our courses are designed to resemble how we acquired our first language. We all learned to speak through a completely natural process — without textbooks or flashcards. It seems like we simply “absorbed” language. The latest research tells us that the same principle is true for learning a second language. That’s why Express Fluency can deliver language proficiency quickly and effortlessly.

Yes, effortlessly.

Our success is founded in a direct approach and clear principles:

95% Immersion, 100% Understandable

Our classes are taught in the target language. But, unlike complete immersion experiences, we make sure you understand every word because language acquisition happens unconsciously when we understand the messages we’re hearing. And no one is required to speak before they are ready. We focus on understanding first…speaking follows.

Language that “Sticks”

You want the new language to stick in your long-term memory, so you don’t forget it in a month. For that to happen the content needs to be interesting while at the same time repetitive. We bring the language to life through engaging, personalized, and funny stories. We draw upon proven techniques such as Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS®), and other Comprehensible-Input (CI) based methods to help the language stick.

Practical, Everyday Language

Goodbye to lists of vegetables and tons of other vocabulary you don’t need on an everyday basis. At Express Fluency, we start with a set of 100 core words in our beginner classes. These are words you use every day. They are the words you need when communicating in another language. And you pick them up effortlessly through hearing them used in interesting ways, not by memorizing them.

“No Pain, All Gain”

Many people think learning a language is painful and hard work, when in fact, the opposite is true. Believe it or not, the less we agonize over the language, the faster we learn. Express Fluency creates an anxiety-free environment because the research shows that’s the best way to maximize learning. The environment is lighthearted and fun so students feel at ease — the optimal state for acquiring language.

Enjoy Yourself

Our goal is that you are enjoying yourself so much that you forget you are in a language class. If you are curious about how a language class can be effortless, fun, and get you understanding and speaking faster than you thought possible...Try an Express Fluency class and see for yourself.

Read about us in the Brattleboro Reformer. August 18th, 2016. "Express Fluency Offers New Approach to Learning Languages."

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