Teacher Training

© Jeff Clarke-Spanish weekend class- muscles1Want to develop fluency in your students and have more fun teaching than you ever have before?  Maybe you are a:

  • Language teacher interested in learning a new approach to helping your students acquire language. We offer training in Teaching with Comprehensible Input (TCI)/ Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS®).

  • School administrator interested in staff training in TCI/TPRS for your world language teachers.

Either way, we have a couple of options for you.

Summer Teacher Training 2017

Are you a language teacher looking for training in TPRS and other Comprehensible-Input based methods? Our summer courses are the perfect way to get up and running or hone your skills. Read more…

Workshops for Schools

We also offer workshops for schools and school districts to help teachers integrate these incredibly effective methods into their classrooms. Workshops range in length from three hours to three days and are customized to meet your school’s needs.

To learn more, contact us info@expressfluency.com or (802) 275-2694.

Mentoring Program

If you’d like in-depth training in the techniques that we use, we can offer you a six- to nine-month mentoring program with Express Fluency. This program involves extensive experience and coaching in our methods through:

  • Observation of our youth and/or adult classes.

  • Debriefing after the classes to provide context and highlight techniques.

  • Coaching as you use the method—providing feedback and suggestions.

  • Our Summer Language Intensives. (We believe the best way to learn this method is to be a student yourself.)

Free Resources

Here is a list of recommended readings, conferences, and blogs of other teachers who teach using Comprehensible Input (CI). Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for great resources.

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